About Our Founder - Ari Pournaras 
Hello and welcome to Big Pond Media, my name is Ari Pournaras and I specialise in Search Marketing.
Since 2008 I have been helping global brands as well as smaller businesses make more money online. 
It all started when I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian in 2008 and managed to land an internship for a small web design company called Drivebusiness. I joined the team and initially worked on very basic SEO tasks, link building, some affiliate marketing and most importantly for my colleagues, doing the tea run!  
Although the company was very small when I joined, we ended up signing a big fashion brand.
That brand was All Saints, and as it happened they expanded very rapidly in 2009 & 2010 with us securing the passenger seat in their journey of success.
Over the next few years Drivebusiness managed to sign a lot of major fashion retailers, we offered a complete ecommerce solution, from web design to customer services and photography. I worked at Drivebusiness for 4 years focusing on SEO campaigns for major fashion retailers. 
Although the company doesn’t exist today I feel privileged to have worked with such talented people. 
After Drivebusiness I decided to throw myself in the shark pit and work for an igaming company called Vuetec. I managed their SEO for their main online casino as well as some of their white label sites. 
It was at Vuetec that I really developed a passion for SEO and for making money online. For the first 6 months I surrounded myself with people from the industry and managed to learn a lot about SEO in competitive niches. I also fell in love with affiliate marketing, I couldn’t believe that we paid out 6-7 figures to some of our affiliates annually, I found that fascinating and I wanted in. I worked at Vuetec for close to 2 years and managed to increase their organic traffic by 300%.
In 2013 with the experience I had gained from Vuetec I decided to launch my own igaming affiliates and in the first year of business I had managed to take 5 websites from nowhere to ranking for very competitive keywords and generating 6 figure annually.
While I was building my affiliate network I started getting a lot of referals from clients and colleagues I had worked with in the past, putting SEO and digital marketing aside, if you do a good job, word of mouth still works really well! I reached the stage of working on so many different clients and projects that I decided to form big pond digital. 

  • 27 May 2024
Since 2008 Ari has been helping global brands as well as smaller businesses make more money online. 

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