Digital Boost Program
Run a small business? Find it hard to get going? We love giving local SME’s the help they need to kickstart their online business presence…
Find out more about Business Gateway’s Digital Boost program from one of  the official Digital Boost suppliers for Ayrshire.
What is “Digital Boost”?
Initiated by Digital Scotland’s Business Excellence Partnership, Digital Boost is Scotland’s national program of digital related business support, which is provided by Business Gateway, and aimed at Small – to – Medium (SME) sized enterprises across the country.
Digital Technology is now fundamental when it comes to businesses reaching out to as many customers as possible, and succeeding against their local competitors. The purpose of the Digital Boost Program is to increase both the knowledge and skills of local SMEs in Scotland about digital platforms and technology.

With this knowledge and experience, SMEs will be able to reach out to new customers and trade internationally, increase the overall efficiency of their business, and potentially employ more staff across different departments.
So how can we help?
The focus of digital specialist support is to identify opportunities to improve company performance through awareness, implementation and exploitation of digital technology within the business - reaching new markets, increasing revenues, productivity savings or other business benefits. Likely areas of support might include the following themes:
  • Website & Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag manager & Search console
  • Link Building
We are one of the official Digital Boost supplier for Ayrshire!
In 2019, Big Pond Digital won the contract to officially become the Digital Boost supplier for SME’s across Ayrshire from Business Gateway! We now regularly supply SMEs with friendly 1-to-1 training workshops covering basic, fundamental digital marketing skills and techniques.
Businesses who attend our workshops can expect to gain vital knowledge in extending the reach of support for digital projects. These workshops primarily concentrate on building skills and capabilities that increase overall digital maturity in SME’s.

Now the Digital Boost supplier for Ayrshire, Big Pond Digital provide up to 3 days of 1-to-1 support, giving local businesses the guidance they need to significantly develop their digital skills and existing online platforms to achieve better business outcomes!

Is my business eligible for a Digital Boost?
To find out more, simply head to the business gateway website below and take the Digital boost health check!
Eligible? Great! Here’s what you can expect from our Digital Boost workshops:
  • A friendly, laid back 1-to-1 consultation
  • Easy to follow step by step guides & instructions on digital tasks
  • Reports & Feedback
  • Tea & coffee on us!
Digital Boosts are designed to give direct assistance to SME’s across Scotland with 1-to-1 support and consultancy to raise their skills and knowledge levels in digital technology. We don’t execute the tasks for our clients, but rather provide them with all the knowledge and skills they need to kickstart their online business presence!
Have any more questions? We’re just a phone call or email away…
  • 23 Apr 2024

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