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Google witnessed around 2.3 TRILLION searches made on its platform last year alone. That’s roughly 73 thousand a second! From the results presented to them, users click on a site within the Top 5 about 67% of the time (Zero Limit Web, 2020). So, the million-dollar question has to be: how do I get my company up there among the coveted five? As a successful digital marketing agency in Scotland, UK, Big Pond Digital knows how: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

If you are a company, small or large, local or global, you simply cannot overlook the massive potential to enhance your competitiveness through the power of SEO.
Effective SEO requires a deep understanding of the process by which Google, and other search engines, determine how highly to rank your site based on a user’s query.
To execute this know-how, practical expertise cannot be learned overnight and must be honed through practice over time.

Don’t worry though - the team of technical SEO consultants here at Big Pond has an expert level of wisdom and skill to optimise your brand’s digital presence. We will help boost your site’s relevance and feature on that desired first page of results.

Traditional advertising focuses on targeting a broad audience; search engine marketing, however, offers the opportunity to place your product or services in front of exactly the right users, at the right time.

By optimizing your site and its contents, you’ll create a streamlined online experience that’ll encourage your customers to be both loyal and vocal about your brand.

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  • 23 Apr 2024

Site Audit


In the past 16 years, we have worked on hundreds of client campaigns, from small businesses to international brands. It all starts with a site audit to help us establish where your business is ranking and what it will take to drive more traffic and sales.

On-Page Optimisation


In this stage, we make some fundamental optimisation changes to your site (or build you a new one). This is an important part of the process that allows us to set the foundations for your search campaign. Click to find out more.

Link Building


The next step is setting up an ongoing link building campaign. Links from external/other sites are like a vote of confidence in Google's eyes, therefore the more quality links your site gets the higher Google ranks your business.

Result Tracking


We map out your positions at the beginning of the project and report on progress weekly, we also have a phone tracking system that will help you track, record, and report on every single lead and sale your business receives.

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