Lead Generation is the process of generating leads and sales to a business via a website. This can be done either by improving the traffic and visibility of the businesses website or by building a separate site for the purpose of passing on leads to that business.

How does it work?

Leads are the life-blood of any business, and many businesses are missing out on the opportunity to get more leads online. Simply put, local lead generation is the process of generating leads to a website via Google and other search engines. There are many ways to generate leads, the most popular and effective methods are SEO, PPC & Social.

Here is a breakdown of how our Local lead generation process works:

- Initially we will perform a site audit that will helps us establish the right keywords that could potentially bring leads to your business.

- Once we have established a set of keywords we will then have a look at your competition and bridge the gap between your business and theirs. At this stage we will know roughly what it will take to outrank your competitors and how long it will take.

- Due to the fact that SEO in local niches can take 2-4 months to start working we can also opt for PPC campaign that will bring in results from day 1 and could generate income while we work on your SEO campaign.

- Next, we optimise your website with appropriate keywords to give Google more hints about the type of business you operate and what type of services you offer. At the same time we create GMB listing if one doesn’t exist, this is a Google my business profile. Locally GMB listings are extremely important as they rank above organic results.

Then, once we have set all the foundations mentioned above, we can start our link building campaign. By links we mean external (other sites) linking to yours. A link is like a vote of confidence in Googles eyes so the quality of these sites and the amount of linking sources are huge ranking factors. We help increase the amount of linking sources and the quality of them and this is called Link Building.


SEO Audit

In the past 10 years we have worked on a huge variety of clients, from small businesses to international brands. It all starts with an Audit to help us establish where you are, where you need to be & what it will take to drive more sales.

On Page Optimisation

In this stage we make some fundamental optimisation changes to your site (or build you a new one). This is an important part of the process that allows us to set the foundations for your search campaign. Click to find out more

Link Building/PPC/Social

Once we have set the foundations and optimised your site we can then begin our search campaign. Depending on the requirements this will involve monthly link building, google adwords campaign and social media.

Result Tracking

We map out your positions at the beginning of the project and report on progress weekly, we also have a phone tracking system that will help you track, record and report on every single lead & sale, find out more here.