Local Lead Generation 

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. A lot of brands are missing out on the opportunity to attract more leads by leveraging their online presence. Simply put, local lead generation is the process by which you attract more users to your website via Google and other search engines.

There are many ways to generate leads - the most popular and effective methods are: SEO, PPC, and Social Media. All of these involve using a combination of owned, paid, and earned media to your brand’s advantage. 

Big Pond Digital provides specialist local lead generation services, accumulating years of results-driven projects for our clients.

We follow a strategic process to fully understand how best to meet your business’s needs. 92% of users searching for local information choose a site that’s on the first page, so it’s important we help you get there.

Our process: 


  • Firstly, we carry out a comprehensive audit of your website to establish the right keywords to potentially drive more leads to your site.
  • Once keywords are identified, we review your competitors to bridge the gap between your business and theirs. We will know at this point roughly what steps need to be taken to outrank them and the timeframe for doing so.
  • SEO in local niches can take up to 2-4 months to start generating results. In the meantime, we can opt for a PPC campaign that will give rise to results from Day 1 and generate revenue while the SEO campaign works away in the background.
  • We will then optimize your website, incorporating relevant keywords to signal to Google the essence of your company so it can put your site in front of the right audience in its search results.
  • We will set up a Google My Business account, or optimize your existing one, as this helps your site rank above organic results for local listings. This is a vital step in lead generation for local businesses. 
  • All of these foundational steps are then followed by a link-building campaign. We source and build a structure of good-quality external links that point into your site from other webpages. This signals credibility to Google’s bots and helps your company rank more highly.

If you want your brand to see a boost in leads, then get in contact with us today to organize a free audit.

  • 27 May 2024

SEO Audit

In the past 16 years we have worked on a huge variety of clients, from small businesses to international brands. It all starts with an Audit to help us establish where you are, where you need to be & what it will take to drive more sales.

On Page Optimisation

In this stage we make some fundamental optimisation changes to your site (or build you a new one). This is an important part of the process that allows us to set the foundations for your search campaign. Click to find out more

Link Building/PPC/Social

Once we have set the foundations and optimised your site we can then begin our search campaign. Depending on the requirements this will involve monthly link building, google adwords campaign, and social media.

Result Tracking

We map out your positions at the beginning of the project and report on progress weekly, we also have a phone tracking system that will help you track, record and report on every single lead & sale, find out more here.

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