Introducing The Peppermint Group!

The Peppermint Group  are an established dental & cosmetics clinic with 3 locations in Glasgow, Scotland.
They hired us to audit their digital marketing channels & specifically to plan & implement a strategy to grow the brand's visibility in the search engines in Glasgow, Scotland. We were required to work with their in-house team, apply a set monthly budget, and provide the best cross channel ROI possible. Our initial contract with The Peppermint Group was for 3 months. This was initially to give us enough time to apply our SEO strategy and boost rankings.  
By the second month of the contract, we had delivered what their previous SEO agency had failed to deliver in 8 months…
These great initial results resulted in Big Pond Digital retaining The Peppermint Group as a long-term client, increasing the budget overall.
So How did we do it?
We advised The Peppermint Group and provided guidance on the overall digital marketing activity to ensure all channels were providing the best ROI overall.
We planned, implemented, and aligned the digital marketing strategy to run alongside other marketing activities Peppermint were running and delivered all planned activities in advance and before the deadlines.
The methodology used to achieve sustainable ROI included both:
  • SEO
  • Social Media.
The campaign was and is fully delivered in house by our team at Big Pond Digital! We don’t use any sub-contractors and are not part of a consortium.
Of course, SEO strategies don’t come without their set of challenges!
We had to face many challenges in getting The Peppermint Group to the top rankings for Glasgow. With the SSL - HTTPS deadline approaching, we migrated the website from HTTP to HTTPS successfully without losing any traffic or ranking progress that would negatively impact ROI! One of the main problems with https migrations is the loss of traffic due to not having a proper migration plan in place that can spot redirect loops and other technical SEO issues.
Because we grew the brand fast and outranked other dental practices, The Peppermint Group also, unfortunately, received false negative reviews that were identified to be from rival practices.
No to worry though, we quickly spotted this, manually flagged the reviews with Google, and the issue was dealt with!
We also identified a negative SEO attempt from a rival agency/client and removed the links without losing any traffic or rankings for our Peppermint’s site.
The outcome that was delivered against the Client’s requirement/objectives
Peppermint’s main requirements were to grow the visibility of their website for targeted keywords and provide the best ROI possible while ensuring that the results are sustainable.
Good client communication is always key, so we worked closely with the team over at The Peppermint Group, and had regular evaluation meetings to ensure that their requirements were met and to educate them about any latest marketing tips we were implementing in the campaign!

  • 15 Jun 2024
Peppermint outlined a very tight deadline for improving some key rankings and providing ROI, the deadline was 3 months from the initiation of the contract. We were able to deliver the results by the end of month 2, this resulted in the client signing a longer contract with us and appointing us in charge of all marketing activity.
Where’s the evidence?
Glad you asked! The following graph is a rankings comparison that displays were ranked when we initiated the campaign and were they ranking in July ‘18. As you can see we have made significant ranking improvements and we are very close to controlling most of the organic market share in Glasgow.

Additionally, we have seen a vast increase in organic rankings for Peppermint, based on year on year results of the past 6 months.
Brand Visibility in Google.
The graph below shows how we grew The Peppermint Group’s brand visibility for all relevant keywords in Google since we started the campaign. We achieved the highest visibility in June 2018.

How relationships were managed
We understand how important it is to keep strong communication will all our clients, and Peppermint were no exception. We kept in touch through…
  • Weekly campaign evaluation calls
  • Monthly reports:
    • Monthly reports provide a summary review of the campaign’s performance for the given month. We track and report on a list of relevant KPIs that show the progress of the campaign year-on-year and also compared to previous months.
  • Regular weekly updates by email/ phone calls & video calls
  • Meetings at their premises in Glasgow.
Any added value that was provided to the project
  • Brand awareness growth within the target area (Glasgow & Scotland), the amount of people that search for “peppermint group” or other branded keywords has grown significantly.
  • We also helped with conversion rate optimisation, specifically optimised user journey funnels to maximise conversions and ROI for all SEM channels.
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Digital Marketing Stats.

Average Traffic Increase in the 1st 6 to 9 months.
60% average increase in enquiries in the 1st 6 to 9 months.
2000+ Page 1 Rankings.
17 Years Experience.

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