Campaign Brief:
We were hired by a law firm in Glasgow to optimise their newly launched road traffic law website and drive more traffic via SEO.
The main objective was to gradually build up the sites rankings for targeted local keywords i.e. Glasgow Road Traffic Lawyers" that would drive phone calls and email leads to the business.
How long did it take? 4 Months to Gain Traction.
In this particular instance we worked with a brand new website that was only recently registered and built. Within the first 4 months we managed to rank for some competitive keywords which resulted in the first batch of on-going live phone call leads coming in. After the 4th month the site averaged 35 to 40 unique phone call leads all generated by searching for a road traffic lawyer in Google.
Results - 4 Months Into The Campaign
Average Keyword Rankings in Google (Glasgow)
lawyer rankings  
Latest Results - 11 Months into the campaign (Updated - November 2017)
At this point, 11 months into the SEO campaign, the site is fairly established and we have started competing for a lot more keywords and therefore sending more volume of calls through to our client. You can see the latest ranking results below ->
Call Tracking - Call volume over the last 3 months

lawyer rankings  
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  • 23 Apr 2024

How Does It Work?


Lawyer SEO Audit

An SEO Audit will tell us exactly what it will take to outrank rival law firms in your area. We will present our findings in a proposal complete with timescales and a workflow. Whether you are a family lawyer, divorce lawyer or road traffic lawyer, an audit will always be beneficial even if you decide not to go ahead with an SEO campaign. We provide initial audits completely free of charge.

How We Drive Leads to Lawyer Websites.

Simply put, we use a combination of digital marketing channels to market your business in Google. We make sure your business is visible for all the relevant lawyer & solicitor related enquires that people search for in Google. We have access to industry tools that show us exactly what people type in the search engines to find lawyers alongside with approximate monthly search volumes.

How Long does SEO take in the Law niche

This depends on the size of the city we are targeting, the population and the competition. It generally takes 3-6 months to see results with a Local SEO campaign. if you require results instantly we can opt for a PPC (Pay per Call) campaign for instant results while we are building your SEO rankings for your law firm. The combination of both an SEO and PPC campaign will ensure your business is visible in Google for relevant keywords.

Tracking Leads & Reporting on Progress

We can track every single lead you receive and we can pinpoint it to the keywords that are generating those leads. We also operate a sophisticated call tracking platform that is integrated with Google analytics and allows us to record all calls, set up missed call alerts, emails and more. Apart from that we track ranking changes in Google on an hourly basis.

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